Not for the faint of heart, the new pool at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas: "The Tank" features including the ability to whiz through a tube into the shark tank.See for yourself# Gallery-1 {margin: auto;}# Gallery-1.Gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 33%;}# Gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid # cfcfcf;}# Gallery-1.Gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;}/ * See gallery_shortcode () in wp-includes/media. php * /The 75,000-liter aquarium should therefore provide an appropriate adrenaline.It is interesting the way the Golden Nugget for a long time had absolutely no pool: during my last visit in May 2010, the new area was still under construction.Here's a little video that we found on Youtube.Conclusion: we need to go back!Share: Facebook Twitter Google PrintPosted in Las Vegas|Tagged with aquarium, casino, cool, downtown, golden, hair, las vegas, nice, nugget, pool, resort, shark|Leave a comment

New Design

The youngest member of the Vegas Partner Lounge CasinoUK, has prescribed a completely new design and offers from next week, even a German website.To start, there are a great bonus offer, which should be of interest to new customers. # Gallery-1 {margin: auto;}# Gallery-1.Gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 50%;}# Gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid # cfcfcf;}# Gallery-1.Gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;}/ * See gallery_shortcode () in wp-includes/media. php * /CasinoUK is a provider with British look.Optics and sounds have been previously fully tailored to the game inspired from the United Kingdom customers.The makeover is to inspire but also other target groups across Europe immediately.Fits to the developers of the Vegas Partner Lounge working on a multilingual version of the website and also in a German download casino.According to a spokesperson of CasinoUK, this trend in the second Be completed week of June. As with its sister casinos gold Riviera and the Crazy Vegas game producer Microgaming software is used here.The award-winning Viper software offers more than 600 different games from all areas.Thus, there are classic games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker, as well as a wide range of video slots and AWP games.In addition, the CasinoUK also offers multiplayer games, daily freerolls and tournaments in the near future even a live casino. Offer good for new customersConsisted of CasinoUK players have already pointed to the changes in time.Who still has been no account, be rewarded with a generous welcome bonus.For as little special CasinoUK offers its customers the choice of a 3000 Ђ bonus freeplay or a three deposit bonuses.Details we have provided in the above screenshots for you. More information about the bonus stake offer and also the eCOGRA certification of the casinos will get you directly to the home. Share: Facebook Twitter Google PrintPosted in Online Casinos|Tagged casinouk, microgaming, new design, vegas partner lounge|Leave a comment

Roulette with Superheros

Is it the game developers here Marvel managed to create the oft-cited panacea, a new game that both the Friends of the slots and also the lovers of the classic casino games thrilled.Exactly want to achieve a new game.Marvel roulette here trying to inspire the followers of both players camp.The all-new Marvel roulette here has a bonus round where the player expects a slot. Roulette and Superheros whether the well meets the taste of the roulette player?In this game the player will be strongly supported in the virtual casino from a whole host of superheroes.Here, players will no elegant casino atmosphere but he finds himself in a comic again, surrounded by all the famous heroes such as Spiderman, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk, all sitting at the same table. Was a high-pitched game in typical Marvel Marvel Bonus design with a field from the conventional roulette.Who here placed a bet and if the ball then comes to stand still in this field, then start on a mini slot machine rollers to rotate precisely three in number Then, when the eight heroes appear on the three roles, there are 3 free spins respectively.What can win with what superhero of the players, he sees on the payout table. Except for the bonus box it is a normal European roulette table with only one zero at 36 numbers and the bonus mentioned field, coupled with the progressive jackpots.By the way, it is also true that four progressive jackpots that are associated with this game hearts content.They are called as Ultimate Power Jackpot and Super Hero jackpot here. The future will show whether the creators of Marvel here next major breakthrough has been achieved or whether it is neither fish nor flesh to as an old saying goes.

Movie Mature million fraud in Melbourne

A cinematic large scale fraud in all it was a few days ago in Australia, it was here at the Crown Casino Melbourne, the venue, the Aussie Millions, to a spectacular coup.Because here in April, the first World Series of Poker Asia Pacific will be held, the message is concerned about this huge fraud worth millions to the VIP tables for ample media coverage. The High Rollers' Room at Crown Casino Melbourne.Picture: David CairdAn employee is here in collaboration with a player a high roller, the high stakes tables have spied and the team should have so ill-gotten about Ђ 25. 4 million.The player is supposedly invaded, according to media reports with the help of a casino employee in the security field in the in-house security system.Here he peered with the high tech cameras from the cards of the players and then submitted this valuable data using wireless communications to second in the league, the High Roller.The prestigious Herald Sun reported that as AUD 32 million, about 25. 4 million euros were ill-gotten.The casino itself enveloped both on the amount of property damage and also details hacked Security Systems in silence and also because of the investigation have not gotten all the details to light.It is also speculated that the coup was drawn only from the two people or whether multiple perpetrators were involved.The main suspect player has already left Australia and of course he was put on the blacklist of the casino.The employee is now going on at least his job.

Variants Bingo and more Bingo Online Play

The game of bingo is one of the oldest games and practiced in the world and over time has become one of the most popular games even in the world of online casino AAMS. A question that often arises is whether there is only one type of bingo or there are variations. The answer is that there are many variations and some are more practiced than others. It is especially with the onset of online bingo aams that have spread many variations of this game and some are played in certain areas of the world, rather than in others. Between Britain, Australia and New Zealand, the game of bingo is called Housie and folders is played with 15 numbers in 3 rows of 5.The variant practiced here, is played with 90, 80 or 75 balls and is also very popular play bingo online multi-line in 75 balls. In America and Canada, online bingo is played on 25 numbers of folders with 5 columns and 5 rows and folders that do not include blank cells, as in other cases.The most popular versions here are those of 90 and 75 balls. Finally, in Spain, is that if the steps just fine the online gaming world, but we are passionate about playing online bingo is the version with 90 ball bingo is the extravagant variant in 27 balls. Short, there is no variety of online bingo, but we certainly remain loyal to our.

Play Online Roulette Pro free

On AAMS online casino will give you the opportunity to play for free roulette for free in the Pro versionThe same is available in all online roulette casino certified as recommended by us, both in electronic version in a live version. Roulette Pro follows the same rules of French Roulette but also allows you to make bets on the special.E 'recommended to those who have already experience with the game of roulette. Remember that the Roulette Pro for free which we propose is to be understood as a game for fun.Have fun at home!William Hill is the No.1 online casino AAMS in Italy. ♧ License aams 15038♧ + 10 Roulette Tables♧ Payout 98. 7%♧ Roulette Live♧ Bonus up to 300 Ђ888 Casino offers games live and exclusive television. ♧ License aams 15014♧ + 10 Rng Roulette♧ Payout of 98. 3%♧ Live Online Roulette♧ Bonus up to 500 ЂUnibet Live Casino Games, sports and poker. ♧ License aams 15228♧ + 7 Roulette Tables♧ Payout of 98. 1%♧ Aaams Live Roulette♧ Bonus up to 500 Ђ

New Slot 3: meeting yesterday between the die and Monopoly

For the vast majority of the industry the impetus given by the Monopoly placing on the market as far as the new slot machine bar brings back old fears. According to their fears more than justified, given that such an action would be transformed for dealers and managers in new and heavy investment in order to adjust to the new provisions of the law. Precisely for this reason was held yesterday, December 19, a round table discussion which featured the one hand, the General Directorate of Monopoly and other representatives of the industry, which have also moved doubt not only from the technical point of view. The node is mainly economic, as there would be no compensation between the investments to make and the tax cuts for 2012-2014.This situation has been proposed several times, through the unions, over the months. For managers, in fact, it would be burdensome to buy the "new slot 3" without an appropriate tax incentive.That proposed by the Legislature, as stated, would be able to cover the cost of the investment on a truly minimal. The eye, however, is not directed only at the short term, but also in the medium to long term.It is estimated that, after 2014, there will be some sort of soaring costs both for those who possess the slot (primarily for maintenance, then for everything else) for the dealers, with an undeniable convenience in low maintain game points that are not profitable. This is not the result of speech-fetched, but rather estimates and careful studies.In particular, there are three factors taken into consideration in order to calculate how much you will reduce the points game and play accordingly.The factors considered are:1) DSL: essential to maintain and manage the slot.As we all know, however, in Italy, the digital divide is still nice that bridged, then the points are not reached by the ADSL service will inevitably be cut off.The result? Decreased collection estimated at 2. 6 billion in 2013-2017, as a percentage, approximately 6% of the collection as possible.It is not cheap. 2) Increase in operating costs and investment: as mentioned earlier, this factor could lead in the coming years to close the points game is not profitable, ie those where the average harvest would not be able to cover the increased costs.One imagines that will be 20% less than the slot because of the element aforementioned. 3) Card access to the game: although marginal compared to other factors, the release of this card could deflect approximately 700 million euro in the period considered (1% of the collection potential).If, instead, you had to weave anonymous names media such as health card, the percentage of the collection that you would lose potential rises to 10%. Tessera forgotten or lost, the desire to remain anonymous and many other reasons would be the basis for such a calculation.The effects, however, it would have on all the points game, even profitable ones.

The progress of the bingo halls of the players and computers

Technology runs wildly and every day we hear news of new discoveries, research and studies are ready to make our final purchase ultra obsolete technology. To keep pace with the times also online casinos and bingo halls virtual must necessarily suggest and keep abreast of their gaming platforms to meet the needs of the most demanding. However, another slice of bingo players, it remains to look at and choose the path conservative.Regardless of what happens, he prefers to keep your PC dated but that always works as it should. Even for these bingo halls try not to cut them out and invest a lot of money in the platform upgrades just to keep you updated, but always as compatible as possible with the old. The part of their bingo halls make it, the other part of it should be done right by players, who must still take steps to stay up to date in terms of technology.One of the phenomena that in fact most of all has discouraged many users for years had internal problems, ie connected to your pc, but that occurred during gaming sessions. It often happened in the past, after the acquist folders, that computers were going to crash temporary and the players lost their money without having had the chance to play.Based on this recurring fear the attitude was initially refuse to play online even if the cause then came precisely from within. To solve problems of this kind, even online casinos are working to meet these players, and have provided their system platforms able to recognize these as much as possible nuisance tripping and return the amount bet to them. The systems actually were based on a percentage, that if the disconnection occurred within the first 10% of a game then was refunded, otherwise not since then was subject to the risk of fraud on the part of those who disconnetteva specially when he saw that the game was taking a turn for the worse. It 'obvious that now it's up to you: If you love to play bingo you have to play by the rules of the game and between them stands the fact of owning a suitable platform for the purpose. If your handwriting becomes more and more elaborate, if the speed and functions increasingly detailed, then you need to keep a computer or a gaming device to date also to avoid unpleasant situations of this kind.