A base glass (FBB) – winning blackjack.

Cornerstone of a base glass (FBB), the non-random card. Therefore, we will use the time to confirm that the card is not random multi- platform game a significant amount. We will disclose the secrets of why this is no theory or hypothesis, but a fact. Based on the basic strategy and card counting is random card. We will prove to you, beyond a reasonable doubt, these outdated methods rely on a basic principle is outdated. If you ‘ve been playing blackjack in the past few years, you will no doubt recognize the shoes difficult to win the game is vastly different than it was in the 1960s, 1970s and even the very early 1980s. It seems the dealer to get more than their fair share of hands mathematical win a contract made ​​with the devil. This is no better than to believe that the casino gives free basic strategy card more real, because they want you to win, or that because Kenny Uston people have been able to play blackjack by counting cards. Any bestseller, it tells you a different part of the local chapter of the novel thrift store. Ever since the days of Kenny has dramatically changed the game, and Ed Thorpe. Playing games, require us to completely change our style of play. “Fire extinguish the fire, ” they said.

A base glass (FBB) to obtain precisely because the cards are not random! The good news is that the shoes are not win today’s game. It provides a serious blackjack players, the biggest advantage he or she had ever seen.

“What? How to rule in favor of the dealer gave me the biggest advantage I’ve ever seen and where? ” It is a bit contradictory. The reason for this is that, as we said above, the card is not random, but the simple fact that the dealer broke the game today is far less than the former in a game.

Obviously, the card does not know who to deal with. So..


if the dealer and the player both exceeded less chance they will both break in the same hand greatly reduced. Finally, a few paragraphs if you must reread. It is simple, but it is very important.

If all the rules in favor of the players save one ( if both the player and the dealer rest, the dealer wins ), then this will definitely stand online casino the truth, the lower frequency if the particular circumstances occur, which would have an inverse impact players advantage. We do not offer this as our opinion. It is pure, pure facts! We are precious, but we are not unique.

No system seller, but there are professional players, seems to know the secret unknowingly, but still do not know why they are winning, and all other inputs. The purpose of the basic blackjack strategy is forty years ago in a single- deck game. That is why the casinos left on the free basic strategy card your pillow like a fine Belgian chocolate.

Card counting is an absolute loser, MIT students or not. ( Maybe they are minor in the market? ) How many times have you put a big bet when the count 30 to see it climb to +40? Blackjack is a mathematical game design, both the dealer and the player will win half of their hands. Even Steven.

But business is business and casinos must pay for their electricity, so they changed the rules a bit, said: “? Okay, how ’bout if both the dealer and the player when a breakthrough, the dealer wins ” This is what you call a house advantage. So, “known” house advantage of it.

Speaking of tornadoes here. Think about the last game you lose.

You lose, just because you win more than the dealer manpower. How could that be? How dealers can really win more hands than your math game when they were designed to make you and the dealer will win hands exactly the same amount? You can play your cards there is no way you damn well please.

This is not the rule! You lose, because you play your cards wrong! You lost because you play basic strategy! You lost because you really believe by calculating card, you can ” put a house!” Regardless of the system you are using your losses. It is that simple.

Sherman and Peabody, may require you to our WABAC ( way back ) machine trip, so you ‘ve been exposed to in your “lessons” so far in your efforts to beat blackjack everything. Have you read or heard shoes match everything is wrong. These books are wrong.

Articles published in the small casino magazines? They are wrong. Card counting is not enough, but the basic strategy is wrong!